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2018/08/06 Mr. Gao Yuliang's anti-drug advocacy life education lecture

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On August 6, 2018, the Superintendent invited Mr. Gao Yuliang and a number of Tzu Chi volunteers to supervise the volunteers to share with the hostess a warm and shocking anti-drug life education--"Aliang's White Life". As a member of the Tzu Chi volunteers, the brave Gao Yiliang volunteers have lived in the life of the prison for many years, but they have been able to stay away from drugs and use their strong willpower to become anti-drug ambassadors. Through their oral narration, they have expressed their pain. In the past and how to reverse life through his own efforts, he also entered the softest inner world of the host by performing the sign language and drama performances of the performing groups, deeply feeling the weight of the family, and appealing to the host to "do good deeds and wait for filial piety! Victims." Inviting everyone to refuse drugs and have a healthier life. Today, 78 people from Renshe participated in the lecture.
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