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2019 "Chengyue Mid-Autumn Festival. Sending Love to the High Wall" Mid-Autumn Festival Supervision Office Care Activities

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2019 Chengyue Mid-Autumn Festival. Sending Love to the High Wall" Mid-Autumn Festival Supervision Office Care Activities

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Keelung Prison is used to soothe the accommodating people's feelings of "everything during the festive season", with the support of the prosecutor of the Keelung District Prosecutor's Office in Keelung, Taiwan, and the support of the Taiwan Rehabilitation Association Keelung Branch, Chen Yuanquan. The prosecution office will pay for the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the "Chengyue Mid-Autumn Festival. Sending a warm high wall" care activities, accompanied by the Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to strengthen the family support power of the host, Keelung Prison has a series of Mid-Autumn Festival care activities such as telephone contact, face-to-face contact, and rehabilitative group Mid-Autumn Festival, and expresses love and gratitude through telephone, face-to-face and family interaction. The host who has moved to Japan, because the case was returned to the country, the wife brought back the three-year-old girl from Japan to participate. The child lively kisses the father who has not seen for two years in the activity. There are tears and laughs in the interaction. The scene is warm and touching, I hope the family The power of support is the motivation for the refuge to repent and be good.

Special thanks to Keelung Northwest Rotary Club, Keelung Yongchang Rotary Club, Suizhi Rotary and Keelung City Honorary Careers Association for donating food, so that the host can enjoy moon cake, grapefruit and other foods during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Care, strengthen confidence in change. Wenzong, the prison governor of Keelung Prison, especially thanked every performer who worked tirelessly and took time to let the hostages have a happy time. At the same time, he also hoped that the host would not give up hope. After he went to prison, he planned and re-lived. The determination to change will be smoothly returned to society in the future. The event was attended by 81 people from Renshe.

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