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2020/01/14 Face-to-face beneficiary of the Chinese New Year in 2020

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On January 14,2020.The Annual Chinese New Year hostess hosted a face-to-face benevolence event at the Supervisory Center of the Supervisor. The action allowed the host to be reunited with their families in advance. On the day of the event, Wen Zong, the chief of the Lin Lin prison, went to the venue to thank his family for their hard work. She also cares about the interaction between the host and her family and the current situation of the family. She hopes that her family will give them more encouragement and care so as to establish a correct and positive outlook on life. At the same time, she hopes the host will cherish the care and acceptance of her family and rethink the future in the new year. Direction in life. The event also invited the Keelung Drug Hazard Prevention and Control Center to come to the prison to conduct drug prevention propaganda for the host and their families to establish a correct concept. This time, a total of 41 host and 82 family members participated in the event. The scene was warm and touching, and the event was successful. success.

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