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2020/04/24 Conduct 109 drunk driving prevention group courses

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  • Last updated:2020-05-04
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The Superintendent conducts courses for drunk driving prevention groups (second-level prevention courses) and drunk driving treatment groups (third-level prevention courses) for those who cannot accuse safe driving. The drunk driving prevention course takes 5 weeks, and the drunk driving treatment group takes 5 weeks, for a total of 10 weeks. In 109, it is expected to handle two sessions each. The first drunk driving prevention course will begin on April 24. A total of 15 drunk driving receivers participated. In order to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic and not to bring and maintain indoor social distances across districts, the drunk driving-related courses are changed to the teaching area, and each time the class takes the host of the same dormitory to the class. Due to the division of time, the class time is shortened, and the teaching of the house is implemented. The teacher will design the learning slip and explain it during the lecture. The host will review and fill in the house.


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