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Prison Service

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About the inmates:
1.General inmates  those who convicted to a term of imprisonment for 3   years or less or for labor service.
2.Rehabilitation  offenders of Drug Law.

Progressive treatment and parole system
(Rehabilitation and education)Inmates
This system consists of four levels,each credited with different credits by terms to be served. When the credits are written off,a promotion will be given,going from Level Four, Level Three, Level Two, to Level  One,progressively.Inmates above Level Two who have served more than a half of a fixed term or more than two-thirds for such repeat offence, are qualified for an application for parole with the Ministry of Justice after they have fulfilled an imprisonment of three months with good performance and passed through the evaluation of the Parole Evaluation Committee.

Individuals undergoing rehabilitation are evaluated and credited by performance, a promotion will be given, going from Counseling Stage to Social Adaptation Stage.
Individuals who have served six months with good performance and passed through the evaluation can
petition for termination of rehabilitation.

Retrieval of safekeeping (deposit)
Apply for proof of imprisonment
Military Service (General Affairs Section)

*Retrieving the safekeeping (deposit) and applying for proof of imprisonment must be handled by the inmate  in writing. The relatives of the inmate, upon verifying their names, relationship with the inmate, shall:
1. Retrieve the safekeeping (deposit)  from the Safekeeping Division with ID and seal stamp.
2. Applying for proof of imprisonment  issued by General Affairs Section  mail to the inmate or give to the relatives during meeting by Registry Division. 
3. Military service  the relatives can apply for suspension or termination of military convening at the Registry Division by presenting the Military Convening Order, or the inmate can apply for proof of imprisonment in writing and give to the relatives to apply for suspension or termination of military convening at Township (District) Hall Military Service Section or military office.
4. National Health Insurance  inmates can apply for termination of health insurance during the imprisonment period with proof of imprisonment.

Service line:
General Affairs Section        (02) 2465-1146 (operator)          
Registry Division                2466-0019
Safekeeping Division             2465-1146 ext. 219
Security Section                 2465-4561
Civil Service Ethics Office         2465-8883
Meeting registration              2465-1146 ext. 292

Feedbacks and reporting of corruption and negligence
The PO Box for reporting a case of corruption and negligence:
Keelung PO Box 259
Prison reform suggestion

The Comment Box and Corruption Reporting Box are
available outside of the registry room for relatives.
Website: http://www.klp.moj.gov.tw

ID No.:

Meeting and mail (Security Section)
1. Number of meetings and visitors:
    1) Inmates, new inmates not yet assigned to the progressive treatment, inmates in Level Four are allowed to meet with visitors, limited to close relatives and family members only, once every seven days. (Inmates herein referred as those with ID of 1000 or up.)
      * Close relatives: spouse, blood relatives,collateral line blood relative within third-degree
       relative, in-laws within second-degree relative.
    2) Inmates of Level Three: allowed to meet once every five days.  
      Inmates of Level Two: allowed to meet once every three days. 
      Inmates of Level One: allowed to meet once a day.
      No restriction on the visitors for the above inmates.
2. Meeting registration time: 8:40-11:00AM13:30-16:00PM
  Not open to meeting on holidays and Saturday.
* Open to meeting (full day) on the first Sunday of every month.
3. The prison has the rights to refuse or terminate meeting in case of the following situations:
    1) Those who have no ID or proof of identification.
    2) Those who may interfere with the discipline of the prison or affect the prison management.
    3) Those who appear suspicious.
    4) Those who appear drunk or mentally unstable.
    5) Three or more people registering to meet with the same inmate.
    6) Those who bring weapons or dangerous items.
    7) Those who enter under a false name.
4. Meeting period is limited to 30 minutes. The meeting period may subject to change when the number of visitors is large to accommodate all visitors.
5. Any and all objects delivered to the inmate need to be inspected carefully. Food (fruits) should not be more than 2kg in weight. Any item that may interfere with the health of inmates or the discipline of the prison, or legally prohibited items, are not allowed inside the prison. Violators of the term will be punished.
6. Video recording, smoking, chewing betel nuts, or making loud noises is prohibited during the meeting.

Remote meeting:
Since January 2004, the close relatives and family members of the inmate are allowed to apply for remote meeting with the local correctional institutes and can use the videoconference facility at the correctional institutes for remote meeting with the inmate upon approval.

Telephone meeting:
The inmates can apply for telephone meeting and contact relatives in remote areas or for emergency cases.
Bereavement parole:
The inmates can apply for bereavement parole in case of grandparents, parents, spouse, and siblings passedaway by presenting the following documents: 
1.Death Certificate;
2.Household de-registration certificate

Mail restrictions: the rule of meeting applies to the number of mails and receivers.
Address: 201 No. 199, Tungguang Rd.,Xinyi District , Keelung City
***(the inmate's ID)

Direction to the prison
City bus: take 203 at the train station) to Shengaokeng
Keelung Bus: take the bus to Ruifang at the train station (pasing Shengaokeng)
By car:
1.Take the first exit (to Binghai) after passing the tunnel of Highway 1 Turn right Go along Renyi Rd.  Tungming Rd.District Court  Going right on Tungsin Rd. for about 100m  Turn left and go up hill to Tungguang Rd.  The prison.
2.After passing Shihjr Exit on Highway 2, stay on the right and take Highway 2 heading Keelung City, then follow the instruction in 1.
3.Ruifang Turn left before arriving at Ruifang Tunnel Follow Shenaokeng Rd. for 5km Tungguang Rd. 
The prison Meeting information hotline:
(02) 2465-1146x292 (Registration Office)
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