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How to handle communication equipment access (mobile access)

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  • Last updated:2024-06-06
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Contact Information for Applying for Communication Equipment Visiting (Mobile Visiting):

  1. Phone: 02-24654561
  2. Fax: 02-24666402
  3. Email: klpc@mail.moj.gov.tw
  4. Mailing Address: No. 199, Dongguang Road, Xinyi District, Keelung City (Security Division)
  5. Types of Communication Equipment: a. Telephone b. Remote Visiting Equipment c. Mobile Visiting Equipment
  6. Eligible Individuals: Relatives, immediate family members, lawyers, defense counsel
  7. Emergency Situations: In case of family emergencies, significant events, or special circumstances, please contact Mr. Peng Zhihao at 02-24654561 for assistance.
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