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Love in the Cloud Family Book

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  • Last updated:2023-05-02
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"Love in the Clouds ~ Electronic Family Contact Book" Implementation Program

In order to develop a more diverse family support program, the Ministry of Justice's Correctional Agency has innovatively designed an electronic family contact book program. It provides an electronic platform that allows incarcerated individuals to actively participate in and care for family matters even while in prison. It enables them to express love and affection, share life's moments, and apply the family treatment programs they have learned. Through the electronic family contact book, immediate love and care are provided, allowing family members to understand the growth and changes of the incarcerated individuals in the prison, transmitting warmth within the family and strengthening the connection between the incarcerated individuals and their families.

[Target Audience]

This program is not available to individuals who are prohibited from having visits, communication, or receiving objects according to Article 105 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article 19 of the Regulations for the Trial of Juvenile Protection Cases, or individuals who are under disciplinary punishment, in isolation investigation, under protective isolation, detained in a protective room, or undergoing isolation due to illness. The target audience includes:

Spouses, direct or collateral relatives within the second degree, or family members living with the incarcerated individuals' children.

【Implementation Method】

For eligible individuals to participate in this program, each incarcerated individual (household) is limited to applying for one family contact book service. The application should be submitted online by the family member, selecting the relevant items and providing necessary supporting documents. Excluded from general official contacts (such as visitation requests, proof of incarceration, home visit for bereavement, parole documents, etc.). Except for other family support program or project approved by the agency's director, the incarcerated individual's end will not enable the upload function on a regular basis and will only receive messages from the family member's end. The content and photos uploaded by the family member's end should be related to expressing care or contribute to enhancing family relationship support. The family member's end can use the system once every 10 days, with a limit of 120 words for text and one file for photo/image (the file size should generally not exceed 10MB, and the system will automatically adjust if it exceeds the limit). If the family member does not comply with the regulations and the content is rejected upon review for more than three times, the agency may suspend the family member's access to the system for one month. 【Electronic Family Contact Book Website】:

  1. Ministry of Justice Correctional Agency's Public Service Portal:
  1. The "Mobile Visitation 3.0" app can be searched and downloaded on mobile devices.
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