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Processing Flow of the Government Ethics and Anti-Corruption Mailbox

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  • Last updated:2024-06-14
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Note: Upon receiving the letter, we will respond within 7 days. (If it falls on a holiday, the response will be postponed).

Step 1: The public enters the mailbox, fills out the statement information, and sends an email.
Step 2: The Secretariat is responsible for handling the letters. They will register the letters in the online document signing system according to the official document receiving process and distribute them to the relevant department based on the content.
Step 3: Each department assigns the letters to the responsible person who will handle the matter according to the official document process and obtain approval from the supervisor.
Step 4: After the documents are sent to the Secretariat for review and confirmation, the dedicated staff will reply to the public with the contents of the documents within three working days.
Step 5: Case closed.

Enter the Government Integrity Mailbox.

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