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Love, accessibility, social resources

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  • Last updated:2024-06-06
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  1. Counseling Service for Education and Rehabilitation Department: If family members have any questions regarding social resources, they can directly seek consultation from psychologists or social workers at the Education and Rehabilitation Department.
    Contact: (02) 24651147
  1. For information related to aftercare and reintegration support, please visit the website of Taiwan After-Care Association Keelung Branch:
  1. For various social welfare services in Keelung City, please visit the website of Keelung Social Affairs Bureau: https://social.klcg.gov.tw/
    For application conditions, procedures, and contact information regarding relevant social resources, please refer to the attached file (List of Social Affairs Bureau Resources).
  1. For vocational training, employment resources, and subsidies, please visit the website of Keelung Employment Service Center: https://tkyhkm.wda.gov.tw/

  2. For drug rehabilitation resources, please visit the website of Keelung Anti-Drug Abuse Center: https://www.klchb.klcg.gov.tw/tw/klchb/1371.html

▲The following are the websites for relevant social welfare services in Keelung City:

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