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Work Plan for Government Agencies for the Year 112

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  • Last updated:2023-05-15
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Summary of Work Plan

Based on the approved budget and important directives from higher authorities, the following are the key points and important objectives of the 112th-year work plan:

  1. Enhance the implementation of convenience measures, carry out administrative reform programs, and uphold the purpose of serving the people.
  2. Strengthen staff discipline and human rights awareness, and promote compliance with various laws and regulations.
  3. Actively promote the implementation of the "Maintaining Discipline and Improving Performance" plan to enhance correctional professionalism and ensure the management of custody and security.
  4. Implement individualized treatment for inmates effectively, establish case data as a reference for treatment.
  5. Actively promote the advocacy and investigation of the needs for assistance in caring for the underage children of inmates, and enhance the understanding of inmates regarding the purpose of this service, to promote the safety and well-being of minors and assist inmates in self-reflection.
  6. Introduce social resources to organize various activities to care for inmates and strengthen family support and education to promote the connection with families.
  7. Actively promote the "Scientific Evidence-Based Model for Drug Offender Treatment" program and the treatment plan for drunk driving offenders, strengthen systematic courses for substance abuse inmates, and closely cooperate with labor affairs, health authorities, and social affairs to prevent recidivism.
  8. Combine skills training with self-employment operations, expand the effectiveness of self-employment operations, and actively promote the effectiveness of inmates in engaging in supervised work outside of correctional facilities, to enhance their ability to reintegrate into society.
  9. Strengthen continuous education for management personnel and correctional management, establish emergency response measures, effectively grasp the situation of prisoners, and maintain custody and security.
  10. Improve the cooking equipment and confinement environment for inmates, and enhance their quality of life.
  11. Establish a comprehensive healthcare environment and strengthen medical care for inmates.
  12. Promote the development of a new correctional system to achieve the government's digitization goals.
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