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Keelung Prison  This prison was established on July 1, 1949. It was originally responsible for receiving and treating inmates suffering from tuberculosis in various prisons affiliated to the Ministry of Justice. When it was established, it borrowed the former site of the Keelung Seaman's Hospital owned by the Taiwan Provincial Government for renovation. Due to its small size and its location in the outer port, it was within the scope of port expansion, so there was a proposal to relocate it. In 1954, I found provincial-owned land in the Guangming Section of Keelung City. 982 hectares (that is, the current site), and went through the appropriation procedures as the new prison address. The construction was completed in 1957 and moved to the current site in July of the same year.
  On August 24, 1987, the Judicial Committee of the Control Yuan inspected the judiciary in the Keelung area and found that the prison's hardware and software equipment was insufficient, and ordinary inmates were mixed with tuberculosis prisoners. There was no effective isolation measure, and there was a risk of airborne infection. Located in the rainy city, the house is dark and humid, not suitable for recuperation of tuberculosis. It is suggested that the Ministry of Justice should move tuberculosis prisoners to a new type of modern prison for treatment. The Ministry of Justice immediately started planning. The Japanese letter stated that on October 30, the sick prisoners were transferred to Changhua Prison in Taiwan for treatment, and since then only ordinary prisoners have been accommodated.
  On June 9, 1988, one year after the implementation of the Drug Hazard Prevention Regulations, the Ministry of Justice transferred it to Changhua Prison in order to meet the needs of the Keelung area for receiving rehabilitation inmates and the prison specialized in accommodating lung disease inmates. The hospital approved the "Adjustment Plan for the Establishment of Various Rehabilitation Centers" and incorporated this prison into the addition of "Taiwan Keelung Rehabilitation Center", which was formally established on July 1 of the same year. According to the letter No. 0961304879 issued by the Ministry of Justice on November 26, 1996, it was abolished from January 1, 1997, and the rehabilitation part was managed by the Xindian rehabilitation center.
  On January 1, 1997, the "Taiwan Keelung Rehabilitation Center" was abolished. Since then, this prison has only accommodated ordinary prisoners.
  On January 1, 1000, in response to the establishment of the Department of Corrections, the name of the prison was changed to "Keelung Prison of the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice". The approved capacity is 315.
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