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Handling of DUI treatment program.

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  • Last updated:2024-06-06
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Given the severity of the social events caused by drunk driving addiction, the development of a systematic treatment system is urgently needed. To address the current situation of drunk driving detainees and understand their characteristics, the Correctional Bureau has collected relevant literature and expert opinions on alcohol addiction treatment from domestic and international sources, and consulted the concept of "three-level prevention" in public health to design the "Correctional Bureau Drunk Driving (Alcohol Addiction) Treatment Plan." The plan aims to effectively implement a systematic treatment system in the three stages of entry, confinement, and release, establish correct awareness, assist in solving individual case problems, and promote behavioral change.

  1. Primary Prevention Level:
    This level adopts a universal and comprehensive publicity and education mechanism to enhance the adaptability and health knowledge of the detainees, and prevent future drunk driving behavior.
  2. Secondary Prevention Level:
    This level focuses on inmates who have been convicted of unsafe driving offenses and provides cognitive counseling and educational courses to enhance their awareness and motivate them to quit alcohol addiction.
  3. Tertiary Prevention Level:
    For those who already have symptoms of alcohol addiction or a history of alcohol addiction, as well as high-risk groups for alcohol addiction, professional correctional counseling and physical and mental rehabilitation will be provided.
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