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Keelung Prison Microfilm

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  • Last updated:2024-06-14
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Keelung Prison, Correctional Agency, Ministry of Justice
"The Secret of the Cookie Box" Microfilm Synopsis

 Hua Zhiming (Hua Ji), who has been incarcerated multiple times, continues to live a life of drug use and trafficking even after his release. Along with his best friend Ah Hai, he commits a robbery and becomes the target of the police. With no way out, Hua Ji flees back to his hometown to hide. However, he unintentionally uncovers the secret hidden in a cookie box that his mother had cherished for years, leading Hua Ji to a sudden realization. Unfortunately, it is too late, as he is apprehended by the police and sent back to prison.

While in prison, Hua Ji learns that his mother has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and her condition is deteriorating rapidly. Determined to change himself during his incarceration and seize the opportunity for a family visit, he actively participates in various programs and activities, earning recognition from his superiors. However, it is during this time that he receives news that his family cannot come for a visit.

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